9 Essential Logo Design Tutorials

9 Essential Logo Design Tutorials - Pixel Surplus

1. Creating a Circular Logo/Badge From Scratch in Illustrator

Frequent contributor Mark Richardson shows you how to create a circular badge in illustrator. This tutorial is raw and shows the trial and error process and strategy behind creating a badge in this style.



2. Logo Design with Draplin: Secrets of Shape, Type and Color

If you are going to learn about branding, why not do so from the legend Aaron Draplin. These smart, entertaining lessons are jam-packed with advice and Adobe Illustrator demos so you can refine your work with shapes, type, and color — and gain core design skills for every logo and branding project. **This is a premium course and requires a free 30 day trial subscription that you can cancel any time.



3. Vintage Logo Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator

In this Illustrator tutorial, Chris Spooner of Spoon Graphics uses some of his own free design resources to create a vintage inspired badge.



4. How to Design a Logo With Shadows in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create modern logos featuring shadows in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial from Dansky.



5. Creating Brand Systems: An Overview of Combining Logos and Type

Designers Mike Ski and Jessie Jay of True Hand created this inspiring short class that is perfect for designers, illustrators, creatives, and enthusiasts eager for a high-level walk-through of what goes into creating a dynamic logo for use across many applications and channels.



6. How To Create A Logotype – [Start-to-Finish]

In this tutorial walk through, Ste Bradbury Design shows you to create a hand drawn logotype from start to finish, from brush pen & paper to computer.



7. Vintage Badge Logo Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator 2017

Will Paterson shows you the steps necessary to create this negative space vintage badge in Adobe Illustrator from rough sketch to finish.



8. Create a Simple Hipster Logo Design in Illustrator

Nathaniel Dodson of tutvid will teach you how to use graphic resources to quickly build logo mark | Lettering style logo design.  This is a basic tutorial using ready made products with a polished result.



9. Logo Lettering: Hand Letter an Effective Logotype From Sketch to Vector

In this class, you will learn from Nicolas Frederickson how to apply hand­crafted concept roughs, into a refined scaleable logo. You’ll learn about his thought process when starting a project, all the way to how he plots vector anchor points. **This is another premium course and requires a free 30 day trial subscription that you can cancel any time.


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