Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives

Holiday Gift Guide for Creatives - Pixel Surplus

We've been keeping track of all the cool and interesting products that we've come across over the last 6 months - so hear they are! A helpful little list of items that your creative friends, family or co-workers should enjoy.


Panobook Notebook - $20

Your desk is most likely wider than it is deep. So why is your notebook deeper than it is wide? Studio Neat's Panobook is designed specifically for use on your desk, making good use of the extra space. Measuring roughly 11" by 6", it's meant to sit in front of, behind, or beside your keyboard.



Website Stencil Kit - $42

Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using our precision cut Website Stencil Kit. Wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques. They also have stencils for phones, whiteboards and for various other purposes.



Palette Aluminum Starter Control surface Kit - $199

Quickly make your adjustments, without ever reaching for your mouse. Assign buttons, dials, and sliders directly to your favourite functions, letting you edit the way you want while keeping your eyes focused on your art. There are also 2 larger versions for more advanced editing.



The Font Deck - $20

Learn about typography while playing poker. This beautiful, casino-quality deck of cards doubles as a practical guide to fonts. Each of the 52 faces contains a mini-lesson about fonts, complete with a beautiful visual example. It's essentially a typography textbook crammed into a deck of cards.



Lindlund Creative Ruler - $25

Today's designers need more than just inches to layout their sketches. The Lindlund Creative Ruler was made for them. Cut from high-grade aluminum, it offers the traditional measurements of inches and centimeters, plus both picas and pixels.



Don't F*cking Procrastinate Mug - $17

This isn't a new one, but it's kind of too good to leave off the list. Your first cup of coffee is meant to kickstart your productivity at work. What it usually does, however, is make you scroll through Twitter and Facebook at an incredible rate. Pour your morning joe into the Don’t F*cking Procrastinate Mug and that won’t be the issue. The subdued, black on black mug gives you a little dose of motivation whenever you down some coffee. Now get to work.



Flyte levitating Bulb Lamp - $349

Flyte is the ultimate office conversation piece. It features an Edison style borosilicate glass bulb, a 7 LED star-shaped filament, a Copper cap and an aluminum ring that floats above its base. The base is crafted from a sustainably-sourced Walnut wood. A cool addition to any home or office.



Letterpress Style Cookie Cutters - $17

Create typographic sweets with the Fred and friends letterpressed type-style cookie cutter/stamps.



Custom Wood & Leather Luggage Tags - $69

Create custom luggage tags for you or your loved ones that feature your own unique design laser engraved into walnut, cherry or maple.



Moleskine Smart Notebook - Adobe CC connected - $33

Watch paper evolve as the creative process is condensed into a few simple steps. The Moleskine Smart Notebook, Creative Cloud connected lets you instantly turn hand-drawn sketches into fully workable digital files. 



The Gift of Learning - $36+

Give the gift of learning this year with a Skillshare gift subscriptions to their premium platform. This unlocks thousands of courses for unlimited learning.



DIY Print Shop Screen Printing Kit - $99

Whether you are starting a small business or DIY screen printing for fun, the DIY Table Top Hinge T-Shirt Kit has the essential set of tools for graphic designers, fashionistas, entrepreneurs, crafters, Etsy-ers and anyone looking to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary!



Print & Frame A Poster From -$$

If you know someone who loves vintage inspired items this could be great - Download one of these free posters and get it printed and framed for a thoughtful gift.



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