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Massive Supply Co.

CYBER2K - Futuristic/Y2K Resource Pack

Regular price $29.00

CYBER2K from Massive Supply Co. has everything you need to create futuristic and Y2K inspired designs. Containing everything from icons to actions to textures, this is the perfect tool for designers looking to create bold, punchy artwork.

INCLUDES 135 ICONS: One Illustrator file with a variety of icons. Lines, circles, frames, and more allow you to quickly add embellishments to your design or to create full layouts.

INCLUDES 20 TEXTURES: Provided as .JPG and .TIFF files, these textures are all high-resolution (600 PPI) files. Perfect for giving your designs that final touch.

INCLUDES 20 VECTORS: Tribal/Y2K shapes are provided as flat vectors (one Illustrator file) and chrome .PNG files. Find the perfect one to add tons of character to your work.

INCLUDES 5 DISTRESS ACTIONS: One click actions for Photoshop that distress text and images - simply run the action and change the adjustment layer to get the perfect look.

INCLUDES 1 BONUS LAYOUT GENERATOR: Generate a completely unique layout in Illustrator with this tool. Just run this script in the provided Illustrator file and watch as your canvas is created. Once your layout is created, it's so easy to make changes and add text and images to create your final design.