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Bitmap Lab | One-Click Pixel Halftone Action

Regular price $25.00

Introducing the Bitmap LAB - Adobe Photoshop action from Samolevsky that produces an instant halftone pixel effect!

This powerful tool allows you to easily transform any graphics into a unique and eye-catching retro halftone design with just one click.
Using advanced Photoshop algorithms, the Bitmap LAB action converts your photos, text, vectors, illustrations, or 3D renders into a stunning array of halftone pixels, also known as dithering.

With 4 different dithering styles and 48+ versatile actions included as ATN Photoshop files, this tool offers almost limitless creative potential that is really only limited by your imagination. Experiment with a variety of presets and achieve the perfect look for your project.
Bitmap LAB features the 4 most popular algorithms from the old computer era of the 1980s-90s including 8-bit halftone patterns, dithering, glitching, and pixelation:
 Ordered Dithering - creates a classic 1-bit pattern halftone effect with a cross-stitch appearance.
 Diffusion Dithering - creates a more organic look with a smooth halftone color transition.
 Glitch Dithering - adds a touch of digital distortion, creating a unique and edgy geometric look.
 Pixel Dithering - creates a blocky, pixelated look that is perfect for achieving a retro video game aesthetic.
Each dithering algorithm includes 12 presets, allowing you easily select the number of colors and intensity of the halftone effect, giving you complete control over the final outcome.

But wait, there's more! Bitmap LAB now features PDF vector export.
Transform your bitmap halftone images into resolution-independent PDF vectors, enabling you to scale them to any size without compromising on quality. Enjoy the freedom to use your halftone designs across a wide range of applications, from screen printing to large-scale billboards.

How does Bitmap LAB work:
Using this product is incredibly easy. Apply the effect to your image with just one click by choosing one of the 48 presets in Photoshop's Actions Panel. Adjust the colors to your liking in a well-organized Layers Panel and tweak the result to your heart's content.


Key features:

  • Seamless integration: Our Photoshop action seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, making it effortless to apply the bitmap halftone effect to any graphics with a single click. It’s non-destructive and leaves the original image unharmed.
  • Customization options: Tailor the bitmap halftone effect to suit your specific needs. Adjust pixel resolution from ultra-chunky to just-tolerable by selecting one of four bitmap intensity options.
  • Easy to use: Select various color options and easily adjust the palette of the halftone effect using the Layers Panel to create unique and captivating halftone designs that reflect your creative vision.
  • Time-saving efficiency: Our one-click action streamlines your design process, saving you valuable time and effort. Focus on your creative ideas and let our Photoshop action handle the technical aspects, allowing you to deliver outstanding results in a fraction of the time.
  • PDF Vector export: This means that you can generate high-quality halftone effects and seamlessly export them as vector files. When scaled or transformed, edges always remain crisp and sharp.

What do you need to use to use Bitmap LAB:

  • You will receive 4 ATN Photoshop action set files + Bonus shortcuts
  • Adobe Photoshop is REQUIRED to use this product!
  • Works with version CC2015 or newer (with English interface only)
  • Sample artworks created for presentational purposes are not included

⊕ And for those who want to get the most out of this tool, we have included a detailed PDF user guide, as well as a video overview. It provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to install and use this product, a cheat sheet for each preset, and professional tips.

Whether you're creating graphics for a vintage-inspired project or want to add a retro-futuristic touch to your photographs, Bitmap LAB is the perfect tool to achieve your vision with ease. You can use it to create stunning posters, album art, social media graphics, pixelated typography, and so much more.

Try it today and take your designs to the next level - the possibilities are truly endless!