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Experimental MIX Shapes Kit

Regular price $25.00

The Experimental MIX Shapes Kit by Vanzyst results from modern trends analysis, a methodical visual search for an unexpected geometric solution. This stunning set features 130 shapes that will help elevate your designs. 

These strange extraordinary graphic assets can complement your bold modern design projects and save you time. This kit is perfect for posters design, T-shirts, and any projects in styles like Y2k, Brutalist, Futuristic, Anti-design, Maximalism, Digital Collage, Dadaism, Retro Futurist, Industrial, Swiss Punk, and more. 


  • 130 PNG files, 5000×5000px, on transparent background
  • 130 PSD files, with vector Shape Layers (+1 Master file)
  • 1 AI Master file (source vector format)
  • 130 EPS vector files (+1 Master file)
  • 130 SVG vector files
  • 1 CSH vector library
  • 130 PDF files, RGB

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