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Free Y2K Sticker Pack
Free Y2K Sticker Pack
Inji Jabbarova

Free Y2K Sticker Pack

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Enjoy a set of Y2K style graphic stickers from Inji Jabbarova that will allow you to create designs that reflect the atmosphere of the 2000s.

The free version includes a sample of 40 stickers, with the full product containing over 100.

The set includes various elements that were popular at the time, including bright colors, ornaments, geometric shapes and symbols.

With this set, you can create unique designs for social networks, websites, logos and more. You can use stickers to add a bit of retro charm to your designs or to completely immerse yourself in the 2000s vibe.

The sticker set includes a wide range of elements that allow you to create designs in various directions, including fashionable, technological or futuristic themes. Stickers can be used on their own or combined with other graphic elements to create a unique design.

This sticker pack is perfect for designers who like to experiment with different styles and want to add some retro charm to their designs. It's also great for those who want to create a design that looks fresh and modern, but has nods to classic 2000s designs.

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