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Andrew Skoch

Fur Photoshop Brushes

Regular price $15.00

Get 20 brushes for Photoshop drawing from Andrew Skoch. It is easy to paint a variety of fur - long or short, thick or thin. You can use brushes with pen, or mouse. Also you can create a path and use 'Stroke Path' function. Get cool fluffy effect easily!

Features: - 20 Photoshop Brushes - Different Fur Effects - Easy to Paint - Easy to Customize How to install: 1. Download the file on your PC or MAC 2. Double Click on "Fur_Brushes_[by_Sko4].abr" or drag and drop .ABR file into your Photoshop 3. Photoshop will automatically install all the brushes and they will appear in your brush list. Press F5 to customize brush settings.

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