Andrew Skoch

Fur Procreate Brushes

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Get 12 brushes for procreate drawing. It is easy to paint a variety of fur - long or short, thick or thin with Fur Procreate Brushes from Andrew Skoch. Brushes are pen pressure sensitive: big pressure - big opacity, small pressure - small opacity.


- 12 Procreate Brushes
- Different Fur Effects
- Pen Pressure Sensitive
- Easy to Paint
- Easy to Customize

These brushes are compatible ONLY with Procreate application for Apple iPad. They will not work with Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic editing software.

How To Use:

- Download the file on your iPad
- Click on "Fur_[by_Sko4].brushset"
- Procreate will automatically install all the brushes and they will appear at the top of your brush list

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