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Grainy Shapes & Blurry Gradients Collection

Regular price $25.00
One of the top creative trends of the year is the use of multicolor grainy gradients and abstract fluid elements.
That is why Samolevsky has created the Grainy shapes and blurry gradients collection that will reinvigorate your designs like never before!
Gradients not only capture our attention but can be both dynamic and soothing, spirited yet calming, all at the same time.
Incorporating these high-resolution vibrant elements into your design projects is as easy as drag and drop as each shape is isolated on a transparent background.
Their versatility makes them a perfect tool to create eye-catching posters, captivating websites, presentations, artworks, brand identity, social media posts, artistic backgrounds and so much more.
This collection comes packed with:
  • Blurry gradients – 36 high-resolution gradient backgrounds with a perfect amount of grain (3840 ×3840px, PNG, Compatible with any graphics editing software)
  • Gradient shapes – 45 pre-made blurry shapes with a pop of gradient colors and custom-made grainy textures (3840 ×3840px, PNG, isolated on transparent background)
  • Grainy shapes – 72 monochrome modern shapes with a custom-made grainy motion blur effect (3840 ×3840px, PNG, isolated on transparent background)
  • Stamp brushes – the library of 72 fluid shapes stamp brushes for Adobe Photoshop and Procreate.
  • Bonus templates – 2 pre-made template files with clipping masks for both Photoshop and Illustrator users. Easily mix and match shapes and gradients to fit your project needs!
  • One more thing! – We've also included a detailed PDF learning guide for Photoshop users to help you every step of the way!
Take your work to the next level by mixing elements together. Create endless combinations of gradients and shapes, the possibilities are endless!