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Iridescent Blob Shapes Collection

Regular price $25.00
Iridescence has always fascinated us and captured our attention. Creating iridescent design elements from scratch can be a total time drain – which is why Samolevsky put together this gorgeous Iridescent blob shapes collection.

This comprehensive set includes 90 vibrant organic elements, delivered in high-resolution 5000×5000 PNG file format with transparent background, compatible with any graphics editing software.

Whether you are creating a poster design, a website, or a brand identity, integrating these holographic liquid shapes into your project is as easy as drag & drop.

Mix and match these colorful fluid elements to add depth, point of interest, and an extra touch of vibrancy to your designs and make your promotions and projects stand out. This versatile collection of iridescent blob shapes will help you to engage your audience and capture the viewer’s attention in a bold and gripping manner!