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Iridescent Geometric 3D Shapes Pack Vol.2

Regular price $25.00
We’re eager to introduce you to the Iridescent Geometric 3D Shapes Pack Vol.2 from Samolevsky!
Looking for fresh, modern, trendy, bold, diverse, and vibrant design assets for your next design project? Take advantage of this bespoke set of 96 high-resolution abstract 3D renders that will make your work stand out.
Collated from an expressive mix of iridescent multicolor elements, this versatile collection will equip you with everything you need to produce stunning creative artworks in minutes.
Inside this pack, you will find 96 high-resolution 3D renders delivered as 5000×5000 px PNG files. As each element is isolated from its background, you can literally pick and choose from this vast library and drag and drop your chosen 3D shapes into your project. Compatible with all types of design software!
Whether you’re looking to create a modern brand identity, eye-catching poster, or add depth and trendy detail to your presentation or website, this collection will allow you to achieve it all. Save your rendering time and get yourself some great-looking graphics!