Andrew Skoch

Isometric illustration Photoshop action

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Create trendy 3D isometric illustrations from shapes, vectors, pixel layers, smart objects, group layers or texts.
No 3D required!
Make isometric 3D WITHOUT 3D engine with Isometric illustration Photoshop action from Andrew Skoch.

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Creating isometric illustrations is now very easy. Create 3D objects in seconds! Just one click! Collect all the elements in one PSD and apply the action to each. It’s very fast!

- 4 Isometric Directions
- 10 Depth Sizes (10 PX – 100 PX)
- Global light function
- 40 Actions in total!
- Multilingual action
- Action saves colors and size of your objects

You can use this action many times in one PSD file.
So, you can create isometric illustration very quickly. Drag and drop several objects and play action on each of them. You'll get isometric objects in a minute. Then just place them as you wish and add a background. That's all!

How it works:
1. Choose layer/group
2. Choose direction and depth
3. Click 'Play'

Works with any type of layers:
shapes, vectors, pixel layers, smart objects, group layers or texts

Technical Requirements:
Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC 2014-2023 and newer versions
Any interface language is allowed

What you get:
- ATN file with 40 actions
- 10 Depth sizes for each direction
- PSD template for easy start
- PDF help file
- Video Tutorial