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Massive Supply Co.

TEXTURE MACHINE - 71 Actions for Photoshop

Regular price $20.00

Texture Machine is a set of 71 actions for Photoshop from Massive Supply Co. that will allow you to generate textures, assets, and gradients to bring your designs to life - just select an action and click run. Each time you run an action, a completely unique texture or asset will be generated. With Texture Machine, you're guaranteed to never get the same result twice. Layer multiple textures to create a completely unique look every single time.

INCLUDES TEXTURES: If you're tired of looking for and buying new textures, this action set is the solution for you. Instantly generate a new, full canvas-sized texture every time you run an action. Texture Machine gives you access to literally infinite textures.

INCLUDES ASSETS: Create stickers, tape, and more with just one click. Spice up your designs with these realistic looking design elements.

INCLUDES NOISE GRADIENTS: A bonus action allows you to instantly generate noise gradients. This action creates a noise gradient, 6 different color palettes, and an adjustment layer for adjusting hue and saturation that allow you to customize colors exactly the way you want.