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Jeremy Vessey

The Luxe Font Bundle - 80% Off

Regular price $25.00

The Luxe Font Bundle contains select typefaces by Hustle Supply Co. that embody a more upscale aesthetic. This is your chance to own 40 font files for the price of 1. I wanted to create a collection of typefaces that could be easily paired together. Get 8 full products for 80% off today!

What's included?

  • Acreage: 2 Font Files
  • Waves: 4 Font Files
  • Birchfield: 8 Font Files
  • Bohemian Hunter: 9 Font Files
  • Kendrick: 2 Font Files
  • Portrait: 6 Font Files
  • Quartz: 7 Font Files
  • The Handwritten Watermark: 2 Font Files