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Ana P

The Versatile Designer's Font Collection

Regular price $19.00

The Versatile Designer's Font Collection is a bundle of over 60 fonts, from 12 font families. It includes all the types of fonts you'll need, from serif to sans serif, from handwritten to typewriter fonts. This collection includes cute fonts, retro fonts, elegant fonts and modern fonts. And in case you need a little inspiration on how to mix and match the fonts, this bundle also comes with a handy font pairing guide with 25 fresh pairings and 9 minimalist logo templates.

Included in this bundle:
- Blue Fires brush font
- Night Wind Sent signature font
- Wild Creatures brush font
- Delirium brush font
- Unexpected Typewriter font
- Big River script and sans font duo
- Popless script and serif font duo
- A Pompadour retro font duo
- Be Cool cute handwritten font
- Honolulu handwritten font family
- Farewell Angelina serif display font
- Soul Drifter handwritten font collection

As always, this deal is covered by the Pixel Surplus Extended Bundle License which includes use in unlimited commercial projects. If you need more information, just send us an email at hello@pixelsurplus.com